A Series on Collage

In this series I played with the concept of creating new worlds through collaging real world images and textiles. I wanted to depict a character that can be easily projected onto us, as the viewer, while we see how we can create new experiences through our imaginations alone.  


A Traveling Collage

A collage illustration with some watercolor base, original 14 x 18 The child that finds the value in imagination will grow into the adult that makes big dreams come true. 

My Life in 10 Lines

I was born when I was five My earliest memories being hunger. We travel towns, I trade friends, Starving constantly now.   With age ten I consume kindness. Attention is a feast always swallowed whole. No time for chewing. Sixteen, new temptations, delicacies refuse me. Twenty, the spoils spoil when left alone. Am I full... Continue Reading →

Hiding in the Woods

Mixed media piece with traditional line art and watercolor samples, scanned and colored digitally. I think this is a huge step for me personally in my work so far. There are a lot of things about this that I love, and a lot of things I see that need improvement. Whether or not I decide... Continue Reading →

Group Mentality

Bitter cold gives way to an instinctual need as hot breath draws clouds in synchronized patterns. Paw prints make artistic swirls in perfect white snow. In this moment, there is only we.  

Tree-house Fantasy

  Funny thing about inspiration is that we spend so long looking for it that we end up giving up when we aren't struck with a meteorite-sized ball of ultimate wisdom. So when I found an old picture of my baby sister (six in the photo and eight in present time), I figured I would... Continue Reading →


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