Destination Collage

Majors travel piece


A Series on Collage

In this series I played with the concept of creating new worlds through collaging real world images and textiles. I wanted to depict a character that can be easily projected onto us, as the viewer, while we see how we can create new experiences through our imaginations alone.


Illustration Final 1Final Illustration 2 (version 2)Final Illustration 3 (second version)

My Life in 10 Lines

I was born when I was five

My earliest memories being hunger.

We travel towns, I trade friends,


Starving constantly now.


With age ten I consume kindness.

Attention is a feast always swallowed whole.

No time for chewing.

Sixteen, new temptations, delicacies refuse me.

Twenty, the spoils spoil when left alone.

Am I full now?


Hiding in the Woods

majors piece 1 final

Mixed media piece with traditional line art and watercolor samples, scanned and colored digitally.

I think this is a huge step for me personally in my work so far. There are a lot of things about this that I love, and a lot of things I see that need improvement. Whether or not I decide to dive further into digital media is something I’ll have to consider, but playing with textures is a must in the days to come.